The healthcare navigation program is funded under the LICN-Community Services Medical Plan.  This program serves adults in Mariposa Co. experiencing houselessness or at risk of becoming houseless; or recently released from incarceration and with complex health, behavioral health, and transportation needs. This program and its services will support individuals in transitions of care to the Alliance from local and regional health care providers.  We work to reduce no-shows, over-utilization of emergency department services, and improve access to primary and preventative healthcare. 

Healthcare Navigation 

  • Intakes and Needs Assessments
  • Programs Eligibility, Screenings, and Case Management 
  • Benefit Enrollment and benefits follow-up for specialty referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Scheduling and follow-up with Healthcare Providers
  • Essential and Emotional Supports, Accompaniment to appointments
  • Recovery Coaching and Safety planning
  • Linkages and Referrals

RESOURCES and incentives are available through a partnership with Anthem BC 


  • Individual Route Transportation to primary, preventative, and specialty appointments
  • Fixed route transportation throughout the township of Mariposa to link its community to healthcare, prescriptions, and other healthcare services and supports

Partnership Efficiencies

  • Work with healthcare providers to improve the communication and referral process
  • Provide staff and community training 
  • Collect, share, interpret, and disseminate data to prove outcomes

Outreach and Education