About Us

About Us

MARIPOSA HERITAGE HOUSE has been in continuous operation since first established in 2001 when it opened its doors as a program of Mariposa County’s Department of Human Services.  Since then it has gained recognition as a unique drop-in Recovery Support Center and in 2011, Mariposa Heritage House joined the team of programs at the Alliance for Community Transformations.

Mariposa Heritage House Recoery Support Center Program Design is driven by our unique community needs. We continually adapt with the changes of our community, and generally provide opportunity for socializing and networking that addresses the isolation felt by many, making us a unique resource to the community of Mariposa County. 

Drop-in Centers began as centers with no limits or expectations made of the consumers. Their main intent was to establish trust and persuade consumers to accept services. These centers provided a place to ‘just hang-out”.  Several evolved into models that required consumers to be actively engaged in their recovery rather than just a place to “hang out and watch TV”.  We have adopted a model that encourages our consumers to be actively engaged.  Our Drop-In Center is a central place to access essential needs and for self-help, advocacy, education and socialization.  No admission or membership fees are charged to the consumer.

Recovery Support Centers are places that consumers can go to learn coping mechanisms and living skills in a non-judgmental environment that focuses on one’s strengths. The Center provides supports and services that reinforce Recovery and prevent relapse. The essential role in community-based care cannot be overstated. They work in an environment of inclusion and acceptance, and more often than not, are peer-run.  First-time visitors are welcomed by people who have walked the same path and understand that the route to recovery is highly personal and individualized. Mariposa Heritage House functions both as an entry-point into a service partnership and as a step-down.  This “no-wrong door” access point is an important conduit for keeping engagement with the community while re-learning life skills or integrating back into the community.

Are Drop-in centers the antithesis of wellness and recovery or can it, by definition, support wellness and recovery?  There are countless definitions of recovery, but the drop-in center represents the true recovery concept by helping people get on with their life, beyond the behavioral health system and treatment services.  They have evolved into places where people actively work on their recovery and learn social and independent living skills. Mariposa Heritage House offers a full complement of essential drop-in center and recovery support services, and is a transitional point in many people’s lives.

Our Mission 
To provide early access to services, supports and resources, foster hope and wellness in a safe, healthful and supportive environment. We are person-centered, building on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families, and community to achieve improved health, wellness, and quality of life. 

Our Values
Sustaining Ourselves and Our Communities
Equality and Respect
Personal and Professional Responsibility
Social Change Through Education and Advocacy
Confidentiality and Safety