Program Aide – Recovery Coach,

As well as my normal duties, I’m on the D/C team and work closely with probation and the BH recovery support team. 

Heritage House has so many opportunities for individuals who truly want to change their lives. I know this firsthand. When I first walked into these doors 8 years ago, they led me on my recovery path and still do to this day. 

Working here has allowed me to help so many on their journeys of change. It really is a blessing to be a part of.

OFFICE: (209) 966-7770
CELL: (209) 347-2667


MAT Substance Use Navigator
Peer Substance Use Counselor
Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician # R1450581121, Drop-In Center Recovery Supports

I am currently working as a Substance Use/Medication Assistance Navigator in Mariposa County. I love my work and all the people that I work with. I am currently perusing my degree at Fresno Pacific University. My long-term goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Working a full-time job, school, and keeping up with life does not leave a lot of spare time. The little bit of extra thyme I do have is spent with my plants, it’s what makes me happy. I have recently started playing the ukulele, and I have found it helps me to de-stress and think. I am grateful to be a member of the Mariposa Heritage House team. I look forward to continuing my career as a mental health professional in Mariposa for many more years to come.

OFFICE: (209) 966-7770
CELL: (209) 347-2683


Transportation Aide – Individual Route, Drop-In Center SUPPORT

My role at Heritage House is to support our clients in accessing their Primary and Preventative Healthcare appointments by providing transportation, setting up follow-up appointments, etc. I also help with day-to-day operations at the Drop-In Center.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for most of my adult life raising a Costco sized family is not for the faint of heart, in my time as a mom I have learned so many things, the highs and lows have taught me how to be flexible in this life its taught me compassion and grace but beyond that it has given me a burning desire to succeed and make a positive change wherever I can. I am very excited to take this journey and challenge myself to do something new to grow beyond just my role as a mother.

OFFICE: (209) 966-7770
CELL: (209) 347-0012


Fixed-Route Transportation Aide, Drop-In Center Healthcare Navigation

My role at MHH is to drive the Ford Transit fixed-route vehicle. This route has 10 stops within our township and there are 5 runs per day. Our goal is to help our community access healthcare and other healthcare supports and by providing a regularly scheduled route, they can schedule and get to their local appointments.  

Today I spend my free time with the most beautiful little granddaughter who loves to horseback ride. We love to hit pumpkin patches in the winter and waterslides in the summer.  

Kathy identifies as an individual in long-term recovery. In August she celebrated 10 years clean and sober. She started her road to recovery as a client and then as a volunteer at MHH. The Alliance and its’ programs have been instrumental to her success and personal recovery journey. Kathy’s journey has been difficult at times, shaking drug-addicted behavior and seeking help for her own defects has been part of her story.

OFFICE: (209) 966-7770


Program Director, Drop-In Recovery Support Center

My role within the Alliance for Community transformations is to provide oversight for the day-to-day operations at Mariposa Heritage House.  Some of my duties include direct supervision of staff and ensuring overall compliance with policies, funding guidelines, program objectives and procedures, facilities management, and ensuring adequate staffing and resources to meet program needs. 

I am also responsible for administrative duties, relationship building, community collaborations, fund development, grants management, data oversight, training, and overall personnel management.  

I have a fierce love and appreciation for my family and am my husband’s wife, my children’s mom, my grand and great-grandkids nana, and a daughter, niece, and sister.  I identify as a person in long-term recovery and am grateful for every day I am given.  

OFFICE: (209) 966-7770
FAX: (209) 966-7130