Volunteering with Mariposa Heritage House

There are many ways to volunteer at Mariposa Heritage House. Volunteers are needed for the following activities:

  • Drivers always needed
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    Transportation is one of the biggest barriers for individuals living in poverty as  well as those who may not have a local support network. Mariposa Heritage House provides transportation services to these community members upon referral from our community partners.  Mariposa Heritage House is looking for volunteer driver’s to help get these individuals to their appointments.  


    This is a very flexible opportunity–you choose your hours and which rides you want to take. Volunteers will use our program vehicles and must have a good driving record with 5 year driving history. 

    If you love helping people in need, driving, and enjoy one-on-one conversations this is a great position for you!

  • Food preps, cooks and chefs and pantry workers
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    Food Insecurity affects many in our community and especially those living in poverty. Unemployment, no transportation, not having a kitchen or a place to cook, a place to sleep at night, a secure and predictable roof, High food costs and limited income, affect lives, causing stress and contribute to food insecurity and are often taken for granted by those of us who have stable housing and clothing.  Mariposa Heritage House provides daily meals and needs your help. 

    Mariposa Heritage House is looking for volunteer kitchen workers, pantry workers and chefs and cooks to help meet this need in our community. 

    This is a very flexible opportunity–you choose your days, weekly, once a month or a couple of times a year.  Whatever works in your schedule.

  • Drop-in Center Support
  • Participant Liaison to Staff
  • Peer Support 

If you’re interested and would like to apply to become a volunteer at Mariposa Heritage House, please click here to complete the volunteer application  or Contact Us

We would also like to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering professional services such as tax preparation and grant-writing.