MHH Recovery Coaches

MHH Recovery Coaches

Mariposa Heritage House is now offering Recovery Coach services. This service will provide support for those seeking recovery from substance use disorders in different areas such as emotional support, mentorship, informational support, instrumental support, and help connect you to community supports.

How Does A Recovery Coach Help?

A Recovery Coach listens to you, helps you figure out what to do, and supports your choices. Together, you will explore options that will help you succeed in your recovery. They will:

  • Help you develop a plan to obtain and maintain recovery
  • Support you as you go through your chosen path to recovery

Recovery Coaches available at Mariposa Heritage House:

  • Julie Ells
  • CJ Cameron

If you are in need of a Recovery Coach or would like more information, please call at 209-966-7770 or stop by Mariposa Heritage House!